Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great, true italian restaurant, Miami Beach

Guests staying in our terrific beachfront vacation condos on South Beach often ask us to recommend great Miami Beach amenities and attractions to enjoy during their stay. A South Beach vacation rental has so much to offer in terms of Dining-Out or Dining-In, Great Shopping, exciting Night Life, Sport Fishing and Cultural Events just minutes away.

Don’t want to dine-in every night during your South Beach Vacation? For those of you who have not yet discovered the Miami Beach location of the franchise Fratelli la Bufala (literally ''the buffalo brothers''; FLB for short), don't wait any longer. FLB is located right down the street from your Vacation South Beach Condo at 437 Washington Avenue – at the corner of 5th and Washington.

My husband and I dine here fairly regularly and were again pleased last Saturday, July 11th with the delicious, fresh foods and friendly, quick service at this gem of a restaurant. It is important to note as well that we were there at 9:30pm, the beginning of peak dinner time in Miami!

FLB offers southern Italian cuisine in a casual setting for all things made of buffalo including cheeses, meats, sandwiches, traditional Neapolitan pizza, pastas and other dishes based on health and quality. Italians frequent the restaurant day and night and prices are reasonable ($10-$20).

Lastly, Larry, the manager at FLB is so friendly and visible each and every time we visit and he helped plan a great, small dinner party for 10 in May (my birthday). We enjoyed the night thoroughly with a family style, semi-set menu and plenty of good wine. For more info about FLB, visit:

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10 Tips for Staying Healthy on your Miami Beach Vacation

At Vacation South Beach, Inc. we are focused on ensuring that our guests have a splendid vacation. We always go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service so our guests not only have a superb condo to stay in but also can take total advantage of all the attractions, shopping, dining, nightlife and more that our amazing Miami Beach destination has to offer.
As Travel writer Debbra Brouillette says in a recent article on, “You’ve waited weeks, even months to go on vacation, and you want to enjoy it to the fullest!”
Here are Debbra’s 10 Tips for Staying Healthy on your Vacation:

1. Water, not wine.
2. Stretch and wiggle.
3. Protect yourself from germs.
4. Wash your hands.
5. Wear sunscreen.
6. Wear protective clothing, headgear, and sunglasses.
7. Don’t overdo it!
8. Don’t overindulge!
9. Maintain your routine.
10. Pay attention to symptoms

To view the complete article on, which includes information under each of the 10 topics, go to:

The Vacation South Beach team is at your service to ensure the complete success of your Miami Beach Vacation. Stay healthy! Enjoy your Vacation to the fullest! We are here to make your Summer Holiday the best you’ve ever had.

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